UCLA Health Sciences: Digital Newsletter & Email Campaign Projects


UCLA Email Marketing & Graphic Design Project

In February of 2021 one of the departments with the UCLA Health Sciences Division reached out to us. The Psychiatry Department need help setting up a new email campaign and digital newsletter to go along with it.

We segmented and integrated their 30,000 subscriber list into Mailchimp, created an email template, and developed content delivery/campaign protocols.

GANZ Media coordinated with multiple department professors for content and Journal articles, we began monthly email newsletter distribution. Their email lists were segmented between internal organically grown lists, and 3rd part vendor lists.

We also developed a “digital newsletter” in Adobe Illustrator to be housed on their website: http://neuromodulation.ucla.edu/newsletter/. Once the “framework” of the newsletter was developed, we coordinated with professors and staff to secure content and provide monthly updates and distribution.


Here are some great testimonials from the Professors & Staff on the project to date:

“Thank you for all of your help setting it up and making the monthly emails possible.”

“The final version is good to send, thank you for your work on this!”

“Thanks to all for your work on this. Let’s get it out ASAP.”

“This looks great, thank you!”

Lighten, Brighten, & Redesigned Purple OH MY!


The Anita Kaufman Foundation had an award winning oranization with worldwide reach, and a broken website. GANZ Media fixed their broken WordPress template, which included repairing a map feature to showcase ambassadors, reogranizing how blogs were displayed, redesigning the homepage, updating plugins, and adding an e-commerce shopping cart experience so they could sell merchandice. We coordinated with their graphic designer to impliment a new color scheme, migrating from dark and dreary to bright and cheery using lighted muted purple tones!

Since the re-launch, we continue to help with an Email Newsletter to grow their subscriber base and extend their online reach, expand membership, and increase donations to this worthy Epilepsy Education Research non-profit.

Click here to check out their updated site! – https://purpledayeveryday.org

Here is an awesome testimonial from Owner Debra Josephs:

“I highly recommend Ganz Media. I run a non-profit foundation and Aaron has been great with all the projects he has done for us. Aaron is very professional and easy to communicate with. He responds very quickly and is always very helpful. He goes above and beyond with every project. You can’t go wrong with Ganz Media!”

Dewey Pest Control launches new Website to support 32 locations!

Dewey Pest Control launches new Website to support 32 locations!

Dewey Services, Inc. owns and operates 32 branches throughout the State of California. They came through a referral in need of a new website, as their old one was outdated and didn’t contain a blog.

We developed a new WordPress website, with contact forms for all 32 branches in Northern and Southern California. Also implemented was an online service form for their reps. Researching their competitors, we developed and inserted SEO keyword titles to boost web traffic. We added request for proposal forms along with an email newsletter sign-up.

We launched a series of blog posts to boost website traffic, and our first email campaign for them containing over 8000 subscribers resulted in a 34.6% open rate!

You can view a live version of the site: http://deweypest.com

Here are before & after screenshots:


Old Website: Dewey Pest Control

Old Website: Dewey Pest Control



New Website: Dewey Pest Control - Dewey Services, Inc. owns and operates 32 branches throughout the State of California.

New Website: Dewey Pest Control – Dewey Services, Inc. owns and operates 32 branches throughout the State of California.

Please contact GANZ Media today to find out how we can help you with your website & online marketing projects!

GANZ Media Launches Press Campaign for World’s first Automotive Dynamic Cabin Pressure Checker

CASE STUDY: Validyne Engineering


Press Campaign for World’s first Automotive Dynamic Cabin Pressure Checker & More!

We began working with Validyne in January 2013. A World Leader in Variable Reluctance Technology (VRT) and Pressure Sensors since 1968, Validyne contracted with GANZ Media to complete the following:

  • Created 2 Line cards (digital flyers) as a tool for their sales force
  • Developed Social Media Plan & Competitive Analysis to evaluate online trends
  • Conducted Monthly Social Media Marketing & Blog postings
  • Performed SEO Optimized Social Media profiles to boost rankings in the search engines
  • Created a Series of Press Releases including a Nationwide announcement introducing the World’s first Automotive Dynamic Cabin Pressure Checker for the Transportation Industry.

These efforts produced the following:

  • Provided Inbound Marketing Strategies for Website resulting in 120 new leads per month vs. 10 previously
  • Developed Email Campaigns with average 15% open rates and 3.2% click through rates, increased online followers and Social Media reach
  • Press Releases resulted in over half a dozen Magazines & Publications

Valentine’s Day: Feel the love of Social Media!

The Love Continues!

Our Valentine’s Day email campaign was a hit, generating an open rate of 15.5%, or 3.1% higher than the industry average.  Creating a catchy subject line can mean the difference between an average campaign, and an amazing campaign. Contact us today to find out how we can do the same for you.

GANZ Media brings Social Media Love

GANZ Media brings Social Media Love


Check out this campaign by clicking on the link below:

Feel the Love of Social Media & Online Marketing!

Happy Valentine’s Day from GANZ Media!! – http://eepurl.com/vqxer

Email Campaigns bring Holiday Joy! GANZ Media can help!!

Email Campaigns bring Holiday Joy! GANZ Media can help!!

Marketing Tips: Importance of a Clever Subject line & High Open Rates


Great subject lines = higher email open rates!


Are you considering creating an email campaign? Are you prepared for it to fail? How much does the success of your business depend on your online promotions?  Open rates in the past five years have decreased industry wide due to image blocking, increased use of smart phones and list fatigue. At GANZ Media email campaigns for our clients consistently exceed industry averages, resulting in thousand of dollars in additional revenue.

Would you hire a plumber to do your root canal?  Your best bet it to have a professional marketer help you with your online marketing.

Times are tough, and money is tight.  Some companies think they are being frugal by having an untrained staffer run their email campaigns instead of using Marketing professionals. See this related article: 11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media.

Without training and experience, finding the right subject line is next to impossible. Even with the best content, If your subject line doesn’t resonate well with your target audience, all your hard work is going into the spam box. Cutting corners for your online marketing can prove disastrous.

When creating a subject line for an email campaign here are a few items to consider:

1) Demographics: Who is your target market? Generalize subject lines appealing to everyone will result in large numbers of unsubscribes and low open rates.

 2) Cleverness: Is your subject line too serious? Does it immediately compel one to read your email?  Humor can be very useful to capture attention in the current short attention span era.

3) Pose a question: Asking a question that helps solve problems your prospects/customers may be experiencing.

4) Limit the use of discounts: Everyone wants a deal, but used too frequently, this can alienate your subscribers. Be a thought leader and have the majority of your emails focus on content/articles they might like to read.

GANZ Media would like to thank all our email list subscribers for reading our holiday email. You can view our email by clicking on this link: eepurl.com/s-b6f

Our most recent email campaign had an open rate of 16.3%, 3% higher than the industry average!

Click here to contact GANZ Media today to see how we can help you with email campaigns and all your online needs!


4th of July + Email + Social Media = Winning Combo!! The fireworks continue!

4th of July + Email +  Social Media = Winning Combo!! The fireworks continue!

Happy 4th of July from GANZ Media!

Happy 4th of July from GANZ Media!

GANZ Media hopes everyone enjoyed the 4th of July Holiday.  We certainly did. Our fireworks are still continuing to go off with the launch on Tuesday of our holiday email, encouraging viewers to “Exert your Online Marketing Independence”. Click here to view the email.

Placing Social Media Icons with corresponding links in the body of an email is a must! The reach of our email was extended through the use of Twitter and Facebook. When an email campaign is sent out, a unique link or URL is generated. This URL can be inserted into a “Tweet” or posted on a Facebook page,to allow people to share content with friends, and increasing the amount of people viewing your content. Additionally, each email allows a subscriber to “Like us on Facebook”, “Follow us on Twitter”, and share with a friend via email.

GANZ Media email campaign sets off fireworks with 15% open rate!

GANZ Media email campaign sets off fireworks with 15% open rate!

As of today over 200 subscribers have viewed our email. This represents a 15% open rate, versus an industry standard of 13.9%. (*Note- as of 7/23/12 the open rate has increased to 16.5!)  This is achieved through a well crafted subject line. Creating subject lines are an art form. One doesn’t want to appear too “salesy”, which can result in being labeled as spam even by folks who chose to sign up to receive your content. The idea with subject lines is to be use clever or playful phrases (depending on the tone you are looking to set) to encourage people to open the email, click on content, and drive people to your website to buy your product or service.

We do recommend that those on your email list agree to get your emails by agreeing to it twice, in a process called double opt-in.  This ensures that your subscribers really want you to send them stuff, and also helps screen out fake email addresses for your list by making sure an actual human acknowledges signing up.

Please contact GANZ Media today to see how we can help you with your next email campaign or Social Media project!

Web Design Mania sweeps the Nation! People take notice of GANZ Media.

Great planning & Email Campaigns = Success!!

A well conceived email campaign can make the difference between successful Online Marketing ROI, and a  sinking ship. In our recent email campaign touting Web Design services, a well crafted subject line once again brings in significant viewers.

You can have the best email content in the world, with snazzy graphics, clever messaging, and the most amazing discounts, but you campaign can fail because your  subject line came across as spammy or insincere. Click here to see the email.

GANZ Media Website Design Email Campaign!

GANZ Media Website Design Email Campaign!

One method for increasing readership of your emails is called an A/B split test. In this case we test only 10  percent of our total list of email subscribers before the main campaign is launched. This small sample size  was split in half using two subject lines with “Website Design Projects & March Madness!”  (which had an  12.5% open rate) against  “March Madness! Website Design & Online Marketing” (which had an 8 % open  rate).

Web Design Email Campaign Results

Web Design Email Campaign Results

We setup our email software to wait for one day to track results between these two groups, allowing for  maximum feedback from our viewers. The winner of these two (the one with the higher open rate), was  used to send out to the remaining 90% of our email list.

Website Design Email Screenshot

Website Design Email Screenshot

5 Helpful Email tips:

Every email campaign should contain the following –

1) A well crafted subject line (tested for effectiveness).

2) A call to action: direct your viewers to perform an action (i.e. View your website, open a video, call you  for a free demonstration, email to receive a 10 % savings on your next purchase).

3) Make sure the email is not too text heavy, inserting plenty of images/graphics/YouTube videos where  needed.

4) Clearly display your Social Media icons and prompt people to follow you. Ask for the Sale!

5) Contact information: too often email campaigns don’t give clear contact info. Make sure to include a  phone number, email address, and website.

Happy Campaigning!

Please contact GANZ Media to help you with your next email campaign!

Holiday Greetings Email Campaign a Success! GANZ Media soars with 18% open rate!

The Holidays have been really good for GANZ Media. Our recent Holiday email campaign was an amazing success; achieving an 18% open rate, versus a 14.3% industry rate.
Click here to see the email.

We attribute the high open rate to an effective choice of the subject line, and a love of the Holiday Spirit.

From the staff at GANZ Media, we wish you a Happy New Year!

See the results below:


GANZ Media Holiday Email Results 2011

GANZ Media Holiday Email Results 2011



Email Campaign for SureTint Technologies – ISBN Conference

SureTint Technologies is the nation’s leading hair-coloring software company. With an upcoming ISBN tradeshow weeks away, they came to us in need of a high quality email campaign to reach out to a small but highly targeted list of potential clients.  Blending stock photography and polishing & editing content provided by them, GANZ media launched a highly successful email campaign, with a 37% open rate (20 % above the industry standard). The high open rate can be attributed to the well crafted messaging of the subject line.

As a result of the campaign, this email dramatically bolstered the number of tradeshow attendees view SureTint’s product demonstration at the show, and translated into measurable sales.

Testimonial from Bill Deliman, Director of Business Development:
“The email campaigns are great. Thank you so much!”

Listed below is an image of a customized HTML-based email we designed for them and corresponding results:

SureTint Technologies - Hair Coloring Software

SureTint Technologies - Hair Coloring Software

SureTint Technologies email campaign- ISBN Conference

SureTint Technologies email campaign- ISBN Conference


Email Campaign for SureTint Technologies - ISBN Conference

SureTint - Email Results - ISBN Conference