An Eagle soars in time for Easter: Southbay Security & Fire Safety Company locks down a redesign!

Client Overview: Eagle Protection

  • Company: Eagle Protection
  • Location: Torrance, California
  • Industry: Commercial & Residential Security Systems & Fire Protection



Eagle Protection needed a revamped online presence to effectively showcase its comprehensive security and fire protection solutions. Their existing website lacked user-friendly navigation, failed to highlight all services, and lacked a seamless payment portal for clients.



  1. Enhanced Navigation: Create an intuitive website structure for easy access to services, industry-specific information, and contact details.
  2. Expanded Content: Develop additional pages to comprehensively present all services offered and industries served.
  3. Payment Portal: Integrate a secure customer payment gateway for seamless transactions.
  4. SEO Optimization: Optimize meta tags and content to improve search engine visibility, especially in comparison to competitors.


GANZ Media collaborated closely with Eagle Protection to address their specific needs:

  1. WordPress Template: GANZ Media selected a responsive WordPress template tailored to security services. The template provided a solid foundation for customization.
  2. Navigation Overhaul:
    • Services Pages: Created dedicated pages for each service (FIRE, BURGLAR, CCTV, CARD ACCESS, EVACUATION) with detailed descriptions, benefits, and case studies.
    • Industries Served: Added industry-specific sections to highlight how Eagle Protection caters to diverse sectors (commercial, residential, industrial).
    • Contact Information: Streamlined contact details for quick inquiries.
  3. Payment Portal Integration:
    • Developed a secure payment gateway allowing clients to pay for services online.
    • Ensured compliance with industry standards for data protection.
  4. SEO Optimization:
    • Competitor Analysis: Researched competitors’ websites to identify relevant keywords and strategies.
    • Meta Tags: Optimized meta titles, descriptions, and keywords for each page.
    • Content Enhancement: Rewrote and expanded content to align with SEO best practices.


  • Improved User Experience: Visitors now find it easier to navigate Eagle Protection’s services and explore industry-specific content.
  • Increased Conversion: The new payment portal facilitates seamless transactions, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Visibility: SEO optimization has boosted Eagle Protection’s search engine rankings, positioning them ahead of competitors.


ADA-Compliant Menu

To ensure accessibility for all users, GANZ Media implemented the following features in Eagle Protection’s menu section:

  1. Clear Structure:
    • The menu is organized hierarchically, with headings and subheadings.
    • Each menu item is labeled appropriately, making it easy for screen readers and assistive technologies to navigate.
  2. Text Alternatives (Alt Text):
    • Images of menu items include descriptive alt text.
    • Alt text provides context for visually impaired users, allowing them to understand the content of images.
  3. Keyboard Navigation:
    • Users can navigate the menu using keyboard shortcuts.
    • Focus indicators highlight the selected menu item.

Privacy Policy

A transparent privacy policy is essential for user trust. GANZ Media incorporated the following elements into Eagle Protection’s privacy policy:

  1. Data Collection and Usage:
    • Clearly explains what personal data is collected (e.g., contact information, payment details).
    • Describes how this data is used (e.g., for service delivery, communication, or analytics).
  2. Third-Party Services:
    • Discloses any third-party services (e.g., payment gateways, analytics tools) used on the website.
    • Provides links to their respective privacy policies.
  3. Cookies and Tracking:
    • Informs users about the use of cookies and tracking technologies.
    • Explains how users can manage cookie preferences.
  4. User Rights:
    • Outlines users’ rights regarding their data (e.g., access, correction, deletion).
    • Provides contact information for inquiries or requests.
  5. Updates and Notifications:
    • States that the privacy policy may be updated and how users will be notified.
    • Encourages users to review the policy periodically.

By incorporating these sections, GANZ Media ensured that Eagle Protection’s website adheres to ADA guidelines and provides a transparent user experience. The accessible menu and privacy policy contribute to a more inclusive and trustworthy online presence for Eagle Protection.

For further details on ADA requirements related to websites and web design, click here.


GANZ Media’s WordPress template-based solution transformed Eagle Protection’s online presence, reinforcing their position as a trusted security partner. The website now effectively communicates their expertise and commitment to safeguarding clients’ interests.

Website Before:

Website After:


Los Angeles-based KTLA 5 News features a new Balloon Design website created by GANZ Media!

Los Angeles-based KTLA 5 News features a new Balloon Design website created by GANZ Media!

Check out the video:


Click here to check out the new site we created for them!


Design Street Studios has a proud 25-year history of being the premier destination for extraordinary balloon decor on LA’s Westside and surrounding areas.

Their website’s software template platform, Homestead (previously owned by Intuit), became unstable.

To provide a modern look and mobile-friendly design, GANZ Media developed a new WordPress-based site and conducted keyword research on their competitors to provide an SEO boost in the Search Engines.

The site features over 40 Image Galleries and includes over 700 stunning balloon design photos!

Check out this awesome testimonial from owner Linda Soto:

“Thrilled with my new website from Ganz Media! It was important for me to work with someone that listened to my needs and understood my vision. Creating a site that navigates with ease and a layout to highlight photos of my work and capabilities was the main goal of a new site. Aaron delivered!It was a pleasure working with Ganz Media. Highly recommend.”






Shaping a new Construction website in time for Valentine’s Day!

Located in the San Gabriel Valley, MFI Construction approached us needing a new website. After over a decade in business, a company re-brand, and a new logo, their website was out of date.

We selected a new WordPress website template to offer a new, more modern design, added new pages and sections to fully showcase their product offerings, and researched their competitors to give them an SEO boost in the search engines. An ADA-compliant menu was added to meet the new 2022 DOJ guidelines.

Here is a great testimonial from Ana, their Office Manager:

“GANZ Media is an excellent web developer, with unparalleled professionalism and attention to detail, resulting in a fantastic looking website.

Aaron Ganz is highly experienced in marketing and can suggest the most suitable strategies for your website. I highly recommend GANZ Media.”

Click here to visit their new website!

Check out their website before:



And here is their website after:

Santa Monica based Commerical Real Estate Brokerage maximizes clients’ investment dollars with new website!

Started in 1978, Sanjo Investments is a Santa Monica Real Estate Brokerage and Investment firm. They specialize in real estate brokerage services, such as leasing, selling and exchanging of real property and property management.

When they came to us, their website design was out of date, and their site was not fully secure. We guided the client through the selection process for a new WordPress Template Design.

GANZ Media coordinated with their IT department, to update their hosting security, adding SSL certificates, along with Google Captcha to protect their web form data. To be in compliance with current website ADA guidlines (American Disabilities Act), we added an Accessability Menu and privacy policy.

Lastly we as part of our competative analysis and complete review of all of their existing Digital Marketing materials, we evaluated their top competitors websites and social media to develop an SEO Keyword Template to boost thier ranking in the Search Engines.


Click here to check out their new site!

Check out this great testionial from the owner Ernie Farhat:

“In 2023, our family-owned real estate company engaged GANZ Media to design, build, and launch a new website because our old website was outdated and lacked visibility. GANZ Media researched the commercial real estate brokerage and property management industry to determine the right set of geo-targeted keywords. They built a new WordPress Website including title tags and meta descriptions to boost online visibility and search engine rankings. The new website also has an ADA-compliant accessibility toolbar menu. The new website is giving the company increased exposure and we truly appreciate the outstanding work of GANZ Media.”

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Elite Global Solutions launched new website to showcase their innovative melamine dinnerware product lines!

Located in  Foothill Ranch, Elite Global Solutions (EGS) are the leaders of innovative and creative Melamine Designs in the Foodservice Industry. The software platform for their website was out of date and running on a template that was no longer supported which didn’t allow for the technical flexibility desired, as well as creating a security risk.

GANZ Media performed a data migration from PrestaShop to WordPress. We installed new plugins, added header for product categories, set up Jetpack for CDN to allow for optimal image loading, adjusted page sliders and CSS code for optimal mobile viewing, and launched their new site.

Here is a screenshot:

Click here to check out their new site!

Here is a quote from their marketing department:

“Everything is great! I think the new site should work well for our purposes and our customers will be excited to try it out. You and your team are amazing! Thanks again for all your help!”

Tasty BBQ needs a TASTY website…Britt’s BBQ in El Segundo sizzles!

Located on Main St. in El Segundo, Britt’s was in need of a new website. They found themselves in an unfortunate situation. Their old web developer stopped providing them the level of support they were used to, the site was not working properly, and they were losing customers as a result.

Also, they were locked into paying for features that weren’t being implemented. GANZ Media is all too familiar with this scenario. We secured access to their hosting, developed a new more modern WordPress website, SEO optimized it to boost traffic, and launched just in time for Easter!

Click here to check out the new site.

The owner Claudia de Leon was happy too: “Thank you so much! We are so excited by our new site, and so are our customers!!”

Here is a before snapshot:

And here is the brand new site we created for them:


Building the Future: Los Angeles Based JL Mitchell Architects launches new site!

The owner of the Los Angeles Based Architecture firm JLM was in need of a sleek modern website for their re-branding.

Click here to check it out!

After a lengthy process, GANZ Media found a mobile-friendly WordPress template with a futuristic design that perfectly matched their own design aesthetic.

Using a blend of real and CAD produced drawings really makes this site pop! And the keyword analysis of their local competitors gives them a huge boost in the Search Engines.

Owner Jason Mitchell gives this great Yelp Testimonial:

“Good reliable quality. Their patience with me and my unique needs is what really made me appreciate their services. Thank you!!!”

Fall in Love with Home Loans with the new Loan Division Website!

We met Gigi at an LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce event. She needed a site for her new Company, The Loan Division:

The Loan Division is a wholesale mortgage brokerage firm that specializes in Non-QM loans for Small business owners, self-employed individuals, investors, and foreign national borrowers. Other special services are Private/Hard Money loan for borrowers that need money quickly.

Launched just in time for Valentine’s Day, their new WordPress site features: A custom Quote form for their clients, a showcasing of the Loan Programs they offer to clients, an ADA Compliant menu, an image gallery of previous deals closed, a testimonial section, and an SEO optimized site that gives them a boost in the Search Engines.


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Give Dental Brushes up on its Website for a January GRAND Opening!

We love working with local retail owners!

Based in Tarzana California, Give Dental approached us in need of a new website in advance of their Grand Opening early next year.

We developed a new WordPress Website with a specialized contact form to meet all their clients customer service needs. With a blend images of real satisfied patients, and stunning stock images, the site wows, educates, and informs all at the same time.

With SEO Optimized Keywords embedded in into the code, they are sure to experience a boost in the Search Engines to improve their rankings.

Click here to see the new Give Dental site!

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GANZ Media lays down the Law with new Website!

Located in Calabasas, Rosenthal Law is a 45 year old boutique firm specializing in: Estate Planning, Business Law, and Real Estate Law.

With a large client base and a deep involvement in the community, they recognized the need for a strong web presence.

Their existing website was over 10 years old, and was need of a full redesign.






Steps taken:

1) Performed Site Audit, Competitive Analysis, and Keyword Research to determine SEO Keywords and appropriate site functionality

2) Logo Redesign

3) New WordPress Website Created with ADA compliant menus & Google Analytics Tracking

Here is their new site:


Check out this great testimonial from the Owner Richard M. Rosenthal:

“Thanks so much for all you have done. Looks incredible!”

And another from Managing Attorney Ashley Brien:

“We are a very busy boutique law firm and Aaron Ganz and Ganz Media could not have been more patient with us. Aaron professionally, and politely, got us to the finish line when we couldn’t find the time to focus on creating a new website. I’m sure he was very tired of waiting on us, but he never let any frustration show. Aaron was also very accommodating when it came to my borderline OCD modifications and provided helpful insight along the way. Excellent customer service and excellent end product.”