HTML Email Templates/Email Marketing

Email Campaigns

Your email contacts can be transformed into hot leads with targeted email campaigns. We develop highly focused HTML based email templates and track click throughs, link clickage, open rates, and compare these to your specific industries’ standards to optimize for future campaigns. Don’t have a large enough email list? Our team of specialized list brokers will help you find the best targeted email lists.

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Our Email Campaign Methodology

Highly targeted email campaigns have not been replaced by Social Media, but actually are on the rise! If you are sending text based email to your customers, your business will not succeed.  Simply creating a message with an attachment and pressing send is not going to produce the results you need to compete. At GANZ Media, our approach to email marketing is to review your campaign in the context of your overall marketing strategy.

First we develop a highly customized graphic rich HTML-based email template. We incorporate links to help drive traffic to your website and grow your customer base. Your Social Media icons are integrated into your email to grow your Facebook, and Twitter subscribers.

Next, we test a small number of your email subscribers to see which subject lines are most effective. This is called an A/B split test. An email campaign can have the best content in the body of the message, but a poorly written subject line will place your finely-tuned online marketing masterpiece into a spam box, and cost you customers.

Lastly, once our campaigns are sent out, we track how many people open the emails (open rate), and how many of those who opened the email actually clicked on links to your website or product content (click-through rates or CTR). Our tracking software calculates the performance of your email campaign, and rates performance compared to your specific industry or niche. This allows tweaking for future campaigns, and helps gauge the effectiveness of both your content and subject lines.