Why Your Company Needs a Blog: Your Online Presence

Why Your Company Needs a Blog: Your Online Presence

Why Your Company Needs a Blog: Your Online Presence

Why Your Company Needs a Blog: Your Online Presence

A blog can enhance your online presence, and many company owners and PR managers are now engaged in blogging as part of their digital marketing campaign. Blogging is an effective tool that can increase interest in your company, product or service as well as improve the ranking and visibility of your site, and increase in clients, customers and profitable contacts.

The cost of hiring a professional writer to create your posts is significantly cheaper and more effective than traditional types of marketing campaigns. One TV ad, which is very likely to be muted, skipped or ignored, will likely cost your company far more than a full year or more of professionally written blogs.  A recent study reported that 78% of the public look for information online about products and services they are considering purchasing. Many read blogs as their most trusted source of information. You can use your blog to access these readers.

To make the process work for your company, it is necessary to have ongoing postings. The content you post must be relevant, interesting or useful information. In creating an effective blog, you need to continue to post content, at a rate of several blogs per week. Readers will not return to read your blog or share your blogs if there are few or no new postings, or when the content is not relevant or interesting.

Creating a blog is not a process that gets immediate results. It may take several months before a blog begins to affect your site’s ranking. If at first you don’t see results, it is important to understand that to take effect requires longevity and continued postings. In one recent case, it took 2 months to move the blog from page 5 to page 1 on Google, with 3 blogs posted every week.

There was an earlier belief from some digital marketing firms that the actual value of what was written was not considered of great importance; this is definitely no longer the case. The content you post on your blog, and the quality of the information, whether it is funny, informative, or technical, is the most important part of successful online marketing. Your content must be completely unique and original and offer the reader useful and interesting information.

Your blog can be a source of information for a variety of interested people, including journalists who are looking for specific information in an industry. Well-researched and professionally written blog posts can become a trusted source of industry information. With careful management of your blog, you and your company can become an authority that others pay attention to, and follow.

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Video Marketing Secrets Revealed! – Start marketing your business today.

Well crafted videos can mean the difference between a company thriving or dying in the new economy.



According to the website comScore: “80% of web users have watched a video ad on a company homepage. 52% took action after viewing the ad.”    Using the latest video technology to spread the word online about our clients’ needs is our goal.

For our latest project we are creating an awareness campaign for a nonprofit group that works with people with developmental disabilities.  Their budget is small but their story is great so we used our shoot from the hip package:  this is comprised of 3 flip type cameras as well as an outboard sound recorder.

Click here to view the video on IndieGoGo.

The reason we use multiple cameras is because this is REAL, there are no retakes, so to capture the story as it happens takes more than one viewpoint.  Reactions that are real are powerful, and will make your video that much more impact full.

Sound is one of the most important factors in any production, yet the consumer video producer often misses the impact of this key component.  Poor sound quality will lose an audience faster than you can imagine.

Last but not least is editing all the material together into interesting, short segments.  The tech-generation has a short attention span, so you have to make your point quickly and don’t forget a call to action at the end.

These videos can then be uploaded to YouTube, and blended with (SEO) search engine optimized key words to help drive traffic to your website.  Well crafted videos along with proper SEO can as much as double your website traffic. To maintain sustained traffic to the website we offer monthly Social Media marketing programs, promoting your videos through: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our own YouTube distribution channels.


YouTube Videos & SEO Combined

Well designed Videos with finely tuned SEO result in ranking in top 3 slots in Google Search Engine.


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Corporate Videos in Los Angeles – January Promo from GANZ Media

Corporate Videos in Los Angeles - January Promo from GANZ Media

Corporate Videos in Los Angeles - January Promo from GANZ Media

Start off the New Year right with Corporate Videos!

For those in Los Angeles, our award-winning production crew is having a special promo starting at $750 (normally $1500). We are filming locally in the Los Angeles area from Jan 21st to Jan 26th only this month.

Click here to see our Corporate Video email promo! http://eepurl.com/h6i7A

Listed below are some interesting video facts:

“80% of web users have watched a video ad on a company homepage. 52% took action after viewing the ad.”

“A video-embedded website is 53 times more likely to show up on Google search.”
-Forrester Research

“Nearly three-quarters of marketers (73%) say integrating video with email marketing increases click-through rates (CTR), and fully one-half are now using video in their emails.”
-Web Video Marketing Council

“Video landing pages generate 4-7x higher engagement & response rates than static image and text landing pages.”



Interview at BlogWorld 2011 with GANZ Media CEO

At the recent BlogWorld 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention center, Michael Stark of PostYourProperty.com interviews Aaron Ganz, CEO of GANZ Media. The importance of Social Media and emerging technologies is a key focus. Nine out of ten robots agree this video rocks!  Click on the video or link below to watch:

Social Media revolutionized! Blogworld 2011 Interview: click here


GANZ Media website launches!

Thank you for visiting our new website! GANZ Media can help you in all your online marketing efforts, including creating Social Media content, Social Media Plans, Social Media Training, HTML-based email campaigns, websites, and Search Engine Optimization.