Sunset Strip Celebrity Store Explodes with Online Traffic!

  Located in Hollywood, on the World Famous Sunset Strip, Diva Rocker Glam sells high-end Rock Star style furniture to everyday folks and the thousands of tourist that visit the city every month. Their products have been sold and endorsed … More

GANZ Media: LA Mayor Garcetti Veterans Initiative Aims At Hiring 10,000 By 2017 – Press Conference

GANZ Media at Press Conference: LA Mayor Garcetti Veterans Initiative Aims At Hiring 10,000 By 2017   GANZ Media in conjunction with and Media Sponsor Mother Love attended this Los Angeles City Hall Event to create awareness for the unique challenges … More

GANZ Media helps promote jobs for Vets at LA City Hall!

  GANZ Media teams up with VETBOSS.ORG at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Veteran Business Summit 2014 to promote jobs for our Vets at City Hall!   Tweet

Entrepreneurs & Social Media: GANZ Media on Mother Love Show

  Aaron Ganz, CEO of Ganz Media and Lynn Sarkany, Founder & CEO of Entrepreneurs Professionals joined Mother Love in studio to share their expertise in assisting small to medium sized businesses with strategies, social media and much more. Those working … More

GANZ Media: Social Media & Small Businesses with Mother Love on LA Talk Radio!

Aaron Ganz, CEO of GANZ Media joined Mother Love to give the lowdown on the importance of social media for small to medium sized businesses. Small to Medium Sized Businesses – Don’t understand the new technologies, and GANZ Media helps … More

Special News Report: Twitter, More than a social network

In celebration of the 8th year anniversary of Twitter, RCN Noticias News interviewed GANZ Media in this special technology report.   Aaron Ganz, CEO of GANZ Media is briefly featured in this video as a Social Media expert, to comment … More

How a College Intern Can Destroy Your Business: Website Coders vs. Online Marketers

Website Coders vs. Online Marketers   Your website is the key to your kingdom when it comes to your online business. Who you put in charge of it can mean the difference between success and failure. Whoever you put in … More

GANZ Media gives presentation on Social Media pitfalls to avoid to local business owners!

GANZ Media gave a presentation this evening: Many companies approach online marking from a single perspective, offering one or two services with a one size fits all approach. At GANZ Media we offer customized solutions offering everything from Social Media plans … More