An Eagle soars in time for Easter: Southbay Security & Fire Safety Company locks down a redesign!

Client Overview: Eagle Protection

  • Company: Eagle Protection
  • Location: Torrance, California
  • Industry: Commercial & Residential Security Systems & Fire Protection



Eagle Protection needed a revamped online presence to effectively showcase its comprehensive security and fire protection solutions. Their existing website lacked user-friendly navigation, failed to highlight all services, and lacked a seamless payment portal for clients.



  1. Enhanced Navigation: Create an intuitive website structure for easy access to services, industry-specific information, and contact details.
  2. Expanded Content: Develop additional pages to comprehensively present all services offered and industries served.
  3. Payment Portal: Integrate a secure customer payment gateway for seamless transactions.
  4. SEO Optimization: Optimize meta tags and content to improve search engine visibility, especially in comparison to competitors.


GANZ Media collaborated closely with Eagle Protection to address their specific needs:

  1. WordPress Template: GANZ Media selected a responsive WordPress template tailored to security services. The template provided a solid foundation for customization.
  2. Navigation Overhaul:
    • Services Pages: Created dedicated pages for each service (FIRE, BURGLAR, CCTV, CARD ACCESS, EVACUATION) with detailed descriptions, benefits, and case studies.
    • Industries Served: Added industry-specific sections to highlight how Eagle Protection caters to diverse sectors (commercial, residential, industrial).
    • Contact Information: Streamlined contact details for quick inquiries.
  3. Payment Portal Integration:
    • Developed a secure payment gateway allowing clients to pay for services online.
    • Ensured compliance with industry standards for data protection.
  4. SEO Optimization:
    • Competitor Analysis: Researched competitors’ websites to identify relevant keywords and strategies.
    • Meta Tags: Optimized meta titles, descriptions, and keywords for each page.
    • Content Enhancement: Rewrote and expanded content to align with SEO best practices.


  • Improved User Experience: Visitors now find it easier to navigate Eagle Protection’s services and explore industry-specific content.
  • Increased Conversion: The new payment portal facilitates seamless transactions, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Visibility: SEO optimization has boosted Eagle Protection’s search engine rankings, positioning them ahead of competitors.


ADA-Compliant Menu

To ensure accessibility for all users, GANZ Media implemented the following features in Eagle Protection’s menu section:

  1. Clear Structure:
    • The menu is organized hierarchically, with headings and subheadings.
    • Each menu item is labeled appropriately, making it easy for screen readers and assistive technologies to navigate.
  2. Text Alternatives (Alt Text):
    • Images of menu items include descriptive alt text.
    • Alt text provides context for visually impaired users, allowing them to understand the content of images.
  3. Keyboard Navigation:
    • Users can navigate the menu using keyboard shortcuts.
    • Focus indicators highlight the selected menu item.

Privacy Policy

A transparent privacy policy is essential for user trust. GANZ Media incorporated the following elements into Eagle Protection’s privacy policy:

  1. Data Collection and Usage:
    • Clearly explains what personal data is collected (e.g., contact information, payment details).
    • Describes how this data is used (e.g., for service delivery, communication, or analytics).
  2. Third-Party Services:
    • Discloses any third-party services (e.g., payment gateways, analytics tools) used on the website.
    • Provides links to their respective privacy policies.
  3. Cookies and Tracking:
    • Informs users about the use of cookies and tracking technologies.
    • Explains how users can manage cookie preferences.
  4. User Rights:
    • Outlines users’ rights regarding their data (e.g., access, correction, deletion).
    • Provides contact information for inquiries or requests.
  5. Updates and Notifications:
    • States that the privacy policy may be updated and how users will be notified.
    • Encourages users to review the policy periodically.

By incorporating these sections, GANZ Media ensured that Eagle Protection’s website adheres to ADA guidelines and provides a transparent user experience. The accessible menu and privacy policy contribute to a more inclusive and trustworthy online presence for Eagle Protection.

For further details on ADA requirements related to websites and web design, click here.


GANZ Media’s WordPress template-based solution transformed Eagle Protection’s online presence, reinforcing their position as a trusted security partner. The website now effectively communicates their expertise and commitment to safeguarding clients’ interests.

Website Before:

Website After:


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