Benefits of a WordPress Template Uncovered!

Every Company can now have the Perfect Website!

The goal of every business owner: have a well designed website at an affordable price. Now the dream is within reach with a pre-designed WordPress Template.

Using the analogy of a building, a template represents the internal steel beams and girders. The overall structure is there, along with much of the internal wiring and piping.  The building owner works with the architect, requesting additional outlets or repurposing a section for a different function. Similarly, plug-ins (think pre-coded widgets performing a specific digital task) can be tweaked or added to the existing structure.

This saves on time versus building a website from scratch (with a caveat). If the amount of tweaks or additions are small this can as much as cut in half the cost of a website by reducing the design time. However, those costs start to pile up the more functions and levels of complexity you add in terms of the time (and money) required to code new plug-ins (think of tearing out a dining room and adding a kitchen, or adding additional electrical wires after the plaster has been applied).

Either way you go, using a WordPress Template as a starting point for your website can be the perfect trifecta of Design Time vs. Coding Time vs. Cost.

Here are some images of a before and after Template from our recent client Collaborative Advisory Group (


Benefits of a WordPress Template Uncovered!


Benefits of a WordPress Template Uncovered!

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BlogWorld 2011 Social Media Tradeshow a hit for GANZ Media!

GANZ Media attended the fourth annual BlogWorld tradeshow 2011, at the Los Angeles convention center. This was the most relevant and engaging Social Media Conference we have ever attended.

We met with many key players from Social Media arena attending including: TechnoratiYahoo, and WordPress Ford Motor Company sponsored the conference. Ford used the event to debut key features for the new Escape, using crowd sourcing, bloggers, QR codes, to bypass the traditional media, and generate buzz.

Check out Tradeshow photo from Ford.

GANZ Media attends BlogWorld 2011 - Social Media Conference

GANZ Media attends BlogWorld 2011 - Social Media Conference