How a College Intern Can Destroy Your Business: Website Coders vs. Online Marketers

Website Coders vs. Online Marketers

Web Coders Vs. Online Marketers

Who you put in charge of your website is as important as what you put in it.


Your website is the key to your kingdom when it comes to your online business. Who you put in charge of it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Whoever you put in charge should take the time to understand your company’s unique industry and product, and possess a technical background. They should eat, breathe, and sleep coding. You want the expertise of an online marketer vs. simply someone who knows HTML programming.

Coders simply build cookie cutter websites. Online marketers develop website that extend and enhance your business infrastructure. There are college students who will build you a website for $500 yet will do a poor job which will cost you $1000s of dollars later both in having to redo the site at a later point, and in lost revenue because the site takes 6 months to build because they lack the full time commitment, which will result in lost customer sales. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Having someone who is simply a coder:   Can technically create a website, but may not understand your unique industry or product. The part-time intern or secretary who has a few hours of extra time on their hands may not have this knowledge. If the navigation or flow of the site is not correct, or if the messaging or call to action is not immediately apparent, this confusion will cost you sales and people quickly leaving the site.

An Online Marketer understands that a website is two parts:

a) Technically sound: easy to find information, has the correct functionality and plug-ins that will draw in your audience, combined with the correct blend of unique content.

b) Artistic Vision: how will you stand out from your competitors? Your site is more than just an online brochure. It is a two-way communication tool. Just as a pharmaceutical company has the technical expertise to create a drug, the other half of the equation is the packaging and branding that will compel the customer to buy.

You want to work with a web designer that is specifically suited to the site type you are looking for, has worked with multiple types of businesses across multiple industries so they also understand current trends, and has the best of breed practices that work everywhere.

GANZ Media has worked across many industry sectors including high-tech, software, science-based, retail, business to business, and business to consumer, offering unique insights into online customer behavior. We possess both the technical background, and years of website experience to provide quality control from both a design standpoint, and an artistic/aesthetic aspect.

We work with our clients to make sure they have the right mix of content and online media to draw customers to the site, get them to stay longer, and ultimately help build the trust that will get them to pick up the phone and contact you. The end product blends what is technically possible, with the exact needs of your business, and ensure the designer is not just coding the site correctly, but taking into account the correct considerations from an industrial organization psychology point of view.

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