Sunset Strip Celebrity Store Explodes with Online Traffic!

Cindy Rocker: the furniture Diva!

Cindy Rocker: the furniture Diva!


Located in Hollywood, on the World Famous Sunset Strip, Diva Rocker Glam sells high-end Rock Star style furniture to everyday folks and the thousands of tourist that visit the city every month. Their products have been sold and endorsed by such stars as Paris Hilton, Jay Leno, Steven Tyler, Melanie Griffith, & rap star Cee Lo Green.

Steven Tyler’s American Idol Backstage Bungalow Featuring DRG Furniture

Steven Tyler’s American Idol Backstage Bungalow Featuring DRG Furniture

Diva Rocker Glam came to GANZ Media with a common problem: their web developer switched career paths, and stopped working on the site, leaving items unfinished and a non-functioning shopping cart.

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Our web developers eat sleep and breath code and do this for a living FULL TIME, so you don’t have to worry about someone leaving the job half done! GANZ Media evaluated not only their current site, but also their competitors to: develop and insert keyword tags, boost website traffic, fix bugs, enhance security, and expand existing shopping opportunities. Not only have online sales increased, but so has foot traffic!

Check out their site:

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GANZ Media: LA Mayor Garcetti Veterans Initiative Aims At Hiring 10,000 By 2017 – Press Conference

GANZ Media at Press Conference:

LA Mayor Garcetti Veterans Initiative Aims At Hiring 10,000 By 2017

GANZ Media at City Hall

GANZ Media attends 10,000 Strong- Veterans Initiative with and Mayor Eric Garcetti


GANZ Media in conjunction with and Media Sponsor Mother Love attended this Los Angeles City Hall Event to create awareness for the unique challenges facing the over 50,000 Vets returning home each month. This unique organization was one of 100 businesses promoting job opportunities for Vets, specifically a program which can transform them into Entrepreneurs to help spur economic growth.

GANZ Media CEO Aaron Ganz with Mother Love

GANZ Media CEO Aaron Ganz with VET Boss Media Sponsor Mother Love at Press Conference


Check out these videos of the Mayor’s speech at this event:

“10,000 Strong” Veterans Hiring Initiative with JVS’ guest speaker Christina Hawkins:

CBS News Channel 9 KCAL:

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GANZ Media helps promote jobs for Vets at LA City Hall!

GANZ Media at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's Veteran Business Summit 2014. Helping to promote jobs for our Vets at City Hall!

GANZ Media at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Veteran Business Summit 2014. Helping to promote jobs for our Vets at City Hall!


GANZ Media teams up with VETBOSS.ORG at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Veteran Business Summit 2014 to promote jobs for our Vets at City Hall!


Entrepreneurs & Social Media: GANZ Media on Mother Love Show

GANZ Media on the Mother Love Show. Entrepreneurs & Social Media

GANZ Media on the Mother Love Show: “Entrepreneurs & the Importance of Social Media”


Aaron Ganz, CEO of Ganz Media and Lynn Sarkany, Founder & CEO of Entrepreneurs Professionals joined Mother Love in studio to share their expertise in assisting small to medium sized businesses with strategies, social media and much more.

Those working the normal 9-5 grind don’t realize that Entrepreneurs can maintain a stable income, set their own schedules, and can find a greater sense of freedom vs. being trapped in a cubicle.

GANZ Media CEO Aaron Ganz explores: What is needed to be an Entrepreneur, how to be fearless in business, and the Importance of Social Media!

You can listen to this broadcast by clicking here.

Also, you can check out a photo of GANZ Media on the Mother Love Show via Instagram!



GANZ Media: Social Media & Small Businesses with Mother Love on LA Talk Radio!

What do business owners need to know about Social Media?

What do businesses need to know about Social Media?

Aaron Ganz, CEO of GANZ Media joined Mother Love to give the lowdown on the importance of social media for small to medium sized businesses.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses – Don’t understand the new technologies, and GANZ Media helps them overcome their fears. We both educate and manage companies Social Media platforms on a monthly basis.

Small Business Owners are focusing on running and managing a business, and don’t have the time or energy to learn the new online tools. It can take up to 5 years get the education to fully learn how to develop a Social Media strategy, and use the new tools to their full potential.

GANZ Media analyzes competitors to build off the backs of giants, learn our clients industry, and becomes the new voice of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc, to engage existing and potential customers in a two-way conversation.

You can listen to this broadcast to learn what you need to know about Social Media for your business, and how to think about this new technology as a way to extend reach, grow your customer base, and as a customer service tool:

GANZ Media broadcast on LA Talk Radio with Mother Love – click here.

Also click on the link below to see a picture of GANZ Media featured on the Mother Love Show via Instagram!


Special News Report: Twitter, More than a social network

In celebration of the 8th year anniversary of Twitter, RCN Noticias News interviewed GANZ Media in this special technology report.


Aaron Ganz, CEO of GANZ Media is briefly featured in this video as a Social Media expert, to comment on the Twitter Revolution. (time sequence 1:43 – 1:53).

Originally developed by Jack Dorsey, to emulate the short sentences and communication patterns used by the police and paramedics, Twitter continues to shape our society, in radio, film, politics, news, finance, celebrities followings, and is rapid growing through the expansion of mobile devices.

Video Posted Along with related Technology Article:

How a College Intern Can Destroy Your Business: Website Coders vs. Online Marketers

Website Coders vs. Online Marketers

Web Coders Vs. Online Marketers

Who you put in charge of your website is as important as what you put in it.


Your website is the key to your kingdom when it comes to your online business. Who you put in charge of it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Whoever you put in charge should take the time to understand your company’s unique industry and product, and possess a technical background. They should eat, breathe, and sleep coding. You want the expertise of an online marketer vs. simply someone who knows HTML programming.

Coders simply build cookie cutter websites. Online marketers develop website that extend and enhance your business infrastructure. There are college students who will build you a website for $500 yet will do a poor job which will cost you $1000s of dollars later both in having to redo the site at a later point, and in lost revenue because the site takes 6 months to build because they lack the full time commitment, which will result in lost customer sales. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Having someone who is simply a coder:   Can technically create a website, but may not understand your unique industry or product. The part-time intern or secretary who has a few hours of extra time on their hands may not have this knowledge. If the navigation or flow of the site is not correct, or if the messaging or call to action is not immediately apparent, this confusion will cost you sales and people quickly leaving the site.

An Online Marketer understands that a website is two parts:

a) Technically sound: easy to find information, has the correct functionality and plug-ins that will draw in your audience, combined with the correct blend of unique content.

b) Artistic Vision: how will you stand out from your competitors? Your site is more than just an online brochure. It is a two-way communication tool. Just as a pharmaceutical company has the technical expertise to create a drug, the other half of the equation is the packaging and branding that will compel the customer to buy.

You want to work with a web designer that is specifically suited to the site type you are looking for, has worked with multiple types of businesses across multiple industries so they also understand current trends, and has the best of breed practices that work everywhere.

GANZ Media has worked across many industry sectors including high-tech, software, science-based, retail, business to business, and business to consumer, offering unique insights into online customer behavior. We possess both the technical background, and years of website experience to provide quality control from both a design standpoint, and an artistic/aesthetic aspect.

We work with our clients to make sure they have the right mix of content and online media to draw customers to the site, get them to stay longer, and ultimately help build the trust that will get them to pick up the phone and contact you. The end product blends what is technically possible, with the exact needs of your business, and ensure the designer is not just coding the site correctly, but taking into account the correct considerations from an industrial organization psychology point of view.

Please contact us today to find out how we can help you!

GANZ Media gives presentation on Social Media pitfalls to avoid to local business owners!

GANZ Media gave a presentation this evening:

GANZ Media give presentation on Social Media pitfalls to avoid to local business owners!

GANZ Media giving presentation on Social Media pitfalls to avoid to local business owners!

Many companies approach online marking from a single perspective, offering one or two services with a one size fits all approach. At GANZ Media we offer customized solutions offering everything from Social Media plans & training, customized WordPress websites, email campaigns, graphic design, to providing discounted rates as an authorized Yelp reseller. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Check a few highlights from our presention at the Encino Business Networking group:


Great group this evening, very dynamic and friendly too!  We talked with business owners about the important use of Keywords or #Hashtags in Twitter, your Blogs, LinkedIn, and now Facebook!

We spoke about the importance of integrating Social Media into your email, and further extending the reach of your content using keyword enriched blogs. Social Media needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Every company should be using Social Media, and if you are going to do it, do it right!

Online Marketing: From Social Media to Websites, pitfalls to avoid!

1) Social Media Overview & Tips

2) Email Marketing Tips

3) Website Design: How the Industry has Changed

4) Corporate Videos: How will they help my Business


4 Benefits of a Yelp Ad – GANZ Media Can Help!

GANZ Media is now an authorized Yelp reseller!

GANZ Media - Authorized Yelp Reseller!

GANZ Media:  Authorized Yelp Reseller!


Want to Advertise on Yelp? We can get you lower rates and higher impressions.

Contact us today to find out how!


4 Benefits of a Yelp Ad for your Business Include:


1. More Visibility on Yelp search result pages

Advertising on Yelp gives a business the opportunity to show up above the regular search results for category/city combinations.

2. Visibility on other business profile pages

Your Yelp ad may show up on a competitor’s business profile at the top of the page.

3. No competitor ads on your profile page

Competitors’ ads will not show up on the profile page of your company. You are essentially paying to keep competitors from advertising on your profile page. But note that Yelp still does show other competitors on the page under a “People Who Viewed This Also Viewed” heading.

4. Additional content options

Yelp advertisers can also add extra content to their business profiles, such as a photo slideshow and a video.

You can check out our page on Yelp: